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Congratulations to the Waltons!

Oasis Church, meet Mabel Walton! She was born on April 8, weighing 4.38kg and measuring 54cm long.

In anticipation of baby's arrival, and after much prayer, Jef, Renatta and family returned to Canada in late February.

They are currently in Ontario near Barrie. After a time of rest and restoration the Waltons are praying that inter-provincial travel restrictions will be relaxed and allow them to visit their supporters across Canada! A visit to see us here at Oasis is tentatively on the calendar for late July or early August, depending on how COVID restrictions change between now and then.

Please continue to pray for Jef, Renatta, and their family as they enjoy this well-deserved family time. Pray for the opportunity to connect with their many supporters, for the entire VOH:Malawi team during this time while the Waltons are in Canada.

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