Our Team



Dustin Funk

Lead Pastor

Dustin serves as the lead pastor at Oasis. He has been at Oasis since the start and hopes to pastor this church for the rest of his life. Dustin's background includes a Diploma in Theology, a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Providence College. When Dustin's not playing with his two boys or spending quality time with his wife Lauren, he loves settling down with a good book, a conversation over a cup of coffee or enjoying just about any form of hockey.

Adam MacLaren

Executive Pastor

Having been at Oasis for over a decade now, Adam oversees the daily operations of our church. Adam takes great joy in making church "happen" and helping build systems to foster relationships that help lead people to Christ. Adam and his family enjoy experiencing various cultures around the world and time spent outdoors around their house. 

Troy Selley

Adult Ministries Pastor

Troy is our Adult Ministries Pastor at Oasis. He holds a Master of Divinity
degree from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, and brings a
wealth of experience in pastoral ministry, church planting, and missions work. Troy and his wife CoraLee, along with their three children, keep busy with organized sports as well as snowboarding, fishing and camping. Troy enjoys a good sci-fi movie, wrenching on cars, and weekly lunch dates with CoraLee.

Julie Trommel

Community Care Pastor

Julie and her volunteers care for our community through prayer, hospital visits, and providing meals. She is also involved in preparing candidates for baptism, connecting couples with pre-marriage mentors, and in helping with life groups. Julie loves hearing people's stories and has a heart to encourage others.


Julie is a wife and a mother of 2 children. She loves both hosting friends and spending time with her family. She is also a former professional volleyball player and still has a passion for sport, fitness, and health.

Samuel Bernard

Life Groups Pastor

Samuel (AKA Sammy) is originally from Haiti, he is the youngest of 6. Samuel is a graduate from Millar College of the Bible with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Samuel is married to Leah and they have two sweet girls (Evangeline and Sylvie). Samuel loves hanging out with people, but most importantly he is passionate to see them grow into who God made them to be. Samuel loves playing/watching soccer and basketball. Samuel would love to meet you! Set up a time to get to know each other and go for coffee.

Darryl Janzen

Student Ministries Pastor

Darryl has overseen all of our student ministries at Oasis since 2008. He has a great desire to see students and young adults develop and grow a faith of their own, lead boldly, and grow into godly men and women. He loves board game nights with friends and his wonderful wife, eating taco salad, and he lives and breathes football.​

Megan Moorhead

Student Ministries Apprentice

Megan is very excited to be part of our student ministry team. She has always enjoyed connecting with students and is currently finishing a music education degree. Megan has been a youth leader at Oasis for several years and loves seeing students come to know and build a relationship with Jesus. Megan enjoys spending time with family and friends, often over a cup of coffee with some games, or a good movie.

Patty Kambas

Children's Ministries Pastor

Patty is that bubbly personality that you will see around UpStreet Sunday mornings if you have kids. Patty has overseen all of our kid's environments at Oasis since 2010 with a passion for introducing children to Jesus. Much of Patty's spare time is spent with her life group friends. She is an avid tennis fan and enjoys specific NFL teams although she does not know why.

Rebecca Oakes

Children's Ministries Pre-school Pastor

Rebecca and her family moved to Winnipeg from Yellowknife. They are a military family and have been since 2004. Rebecca's background is nursing but she found a passion working with children that have various disabilities during her time in Yellowknife. She believes there is nothing like enriching a child's life and helping them achieve all that they can which makes her a great fit as our pastor of pre-schoolers and their families.

Ramona Maurer

Children's Ministries Assistant

Ramona and her family moved back to Winnipeg after pastoring both in Saskatchewan and British Columbia since 1999. While her husband is a full-time student at Providence, she will be assisting the children’s ministry staff here at Oasis. She is passionate about families loving Jesus! Her heart it to encourage others and to see the Bible lived out practically. She enjoys time with her three children and husband, family, friends and getting to know her neighbours. She is filled up in both majestic mountain hikes and quiet prairie roads, sunshine, music, reading, jogging, baking, and listening to good teaching.

Tynessa Neufeld

Children's Ministries Apprentice

Tynessa was born and raised in Winnipeg, then studied and traveled abroad before coming back to finish her degree in psychology. Her passion has always been working with children and she is very excited to have joined the children's ministry team at Oasis! When Tynessa isn't working with kids, she loves traveling, going on adventures and spending time with family and friends.

Wes Weiss

Service Programming & Pastor

Wes heads up the Service Programming team and a host of other executive details at Oasis. He has been at Oasis since the humble beginnings. He has a passion for music and has a strong desire to serve with excellence in all areas of church life. Wes and his wife Jaynee enjoy playing sports, working outside in the yard and spending time with their three boys.​​

Lauren Funk

Service Programming Assistant

Lauren works in our Service Programming department helping craft our weekend experiences. She has a passion for music and appreciates all varieties. She has previously been a piano teacher and studied classical voice while in university. Besides music, Lauren also loves reading a great book, cooking up a good meal, and running outdoors with a great podcast.​ Lauren and her husband Dustin have 2 boys – Lincoln and Lane.

Jeremy Wat

Creative Arts Pastor

Jeremy is an expert storyteller utilizing multiple skills and forms to communicate Oasis' messages and teachings with our community both inside and outside the church. His motivation is, "Love what you do, and it will love you back." He also enjoys illustrating, watching films, and coffee with close friends. Jeremy and his wife Carla really enjoy time together along with their two children.

Adam Wiebe

Graphic Designer

Adam is a graphic designer who applies his passion for illustration & typography to the Oasis message. He’s been known to enjoy a good cup of coffee, a strong candle, and a corny dad joke. When Adam is not pursuing creative endeavours he likes to kick up his feet and watch a baseball game or get out there himself and play baseball with friends.

Colleen MacLaren

Director of Administration

Colleen works as the Director of Administration and has a passion for making things organized and efficient. In addition to helping out in the kid's areas on Sunday mornings, Colleen manages the Oasis office, helps plan events, and gets people connected at Oasis. In her off time, Colleen enjoys reading as many books as she can, travelling the world with her family, and spending time with their numerous dogs.

Tasha Allen

Executive Administrative Assistant

Tasha and her family moved to Winnipeg from Ontario in 2019. Her role in administration and children's ministry excites her because she has a love for organizing, being part of a team, and a desire for helping foster an enriching learning environment for all the children who walk through Oasis' door. Tasha and her husband James, along with their two boys, Archer & Hendrix, like to keep busy by being outside and exploring nature. What an adventure!

Tyson EisBrenner

Production Manager

Tyson oversees the technical production of Sunday morning services. With a team of skilled volunteers, he helps craft a creative, worshipful environment where people can feel comfortable and welcome. Tyson has a passion for music, particularly anything with a groove and a B3 organ. He also loves family game night, trying to beat his kids at Dutch Blitz.

Jeff Rohde

Production Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Tara Poirier

Host Teams Director

Tara grew up in southern Manitoba, and spent 4 years at Bible School in BC. Before joining our team Tara was a Childrens Pastor. She enjoys people - whether kids, parents, grandparents - and seeing them grow in their relationship with God. 
In her spare time she enjoys playing games with her husband, friends, family and daughter. She enjoys travelling and spending quality time with people!

She loves to chat, and looks forward to chatting with you in the lobby on a Sunday morning! 

Dan Otsuji

Host Teams Assistant

Dan works part-time leading our hundreds of host team volunteers. When he is not working at Oasis, Dan works as a pilot. He enjoys camping with his family during the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.

Tim Heinrichs

Facility Manager

Tim grew up in southern Manitoba near Kleefeld. On the family farm, Tim learned to have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude which he has found helpful in the various roles he's served over the years. Whether on the plant floor or in the office, Tim always enjoys learning new things. His new challenge is the maintenance of the facility and grounds here at Oasis. Tim likes to spend time with his wife Eleonore, travel, garden, watch movies, and play video games as time allows.

Vincenzo Russo

Pastor of Italian Ministry

Vincenzo leads Oasis' ministry to Italian speaking people in our community. Vincenzo and his wife Marcella enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. Vincenzo loves reading, the opera, and fine Italian cuisine.





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