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Admin Building Update: May 5

Updated: May 7, 2021

The administration building is moving closer and closer to completion! The roof is completed, and now construction crews are working on the final plaster coats in each room. You get a good idea of how construction is a very manual process in Malawi, with the crews even mixing the plaster by hand. The scratches you see on some of the walls are preparation for the final skim coat. These deep scratches in the first layer helps the final smooth coat adhere to the wall.

And check out the amazing view that staff and guests will see as they exit the main doors! To the left, the two building with red roofs are the grades 1-2 school block and grades 3-4 school block. The building without a roof is the new grade 5-6 school block currently under construction, and the building with the green roof is the ablution (bathroom) block. As the camera pans to the right you see just a small portion of Kauma.

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