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Join a reading plan!

Stay connected by joining a devotional plan with friends using the YouVersion Bible app. Each day includes a Bible reading, a devotional, and a space for you to talk it over with the group! 


From May to August we are offering a new 30-day plan each month. You can join any plan at any time! Let your time in God’s Word bring you closer to Him this summer. 

Here's how:

1. Install the YouVersion Bible app on your smartphone or tablet, or visit and create your profile. It’s a lot like Facebook or Instagram in this way.

2. Click the link below to join this month's plan.

3. Set yourself a daily alarm. First thing in the morning, just before bed, at lunchtime, whatever works for you! Open the app, read through the devotion and Bible reading, and share your thoughts and prayer requests.

This Month's Devotional:

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