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Student Life Groups are where strangers become friends and friends become family. It's our belief that following Jesus makes life better, and makes you better at life - and our desire is for students to discover and pursue a faith of their own. However, there are no prerequisites for joining the family. Student Life Groups are a safe place for everyone, whether following Jesus is what you're about or you're just looking for people to hang with.

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If you join a Life Group, you can expect:

  • Fun times, hanging out with people your age.

  • An opportunity to discuss weekly talks about life and Jesus with friends and your leaders.

  • Adults who will invest in you, offering support and encouragement (and sometimes Starbucks).

  • A safe place to belong, just as you are.


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Student Ministries Pastor

Darryl oversees our middle school and high school ministries, pastoring the grade 6-12 life groups.​