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Check out this week's message from Pastor Darryl!


Bottom Line: When God’s worrying about your worries, you don’t have to.

Goal of the Discussion: To remind us that worrying is a choice – we can either hang on to it or give it to God knowing that God is capable of handling everything we worry about; and to remind us to pray about the things we worry about

Scripture: Philippians 4:6-7

Discussions Over Dinner: What is it that makes you most worried or afraid - and why? What are some things you do when you feel worried/anxious/stressed? Why is it difficult to believe that God cares about your problems?
 What’s the difference between you worrying about something and God worrying about it? What’s the opposite of worry - and when is the last time you experienced it? What are some strategies that we could try in order to live our lives free of worry?

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