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David, Abigail, and Nabal - 1 Samuel 25:2–25

Today, your child will learn about how God used Abigail to feed David and his army! Abigail’s husband Nabal did not want to help David, even though David had protected his flock of sheep! David was upset that Nabal wasn’t going to feed him and his army, so David was going to fight Nabal. But Abigail wanted to protect her family and help David, so she loaded up her donkey full of food and brought it to David and his army! Just like Abigail helped David and his army, we can help those around us! God wants me to help others!


Let's talk about it:

1. Who helped and shared food with David and his army?

2. Who can you help?

3. What can you share with your friends?

Let's sing and dance!

"Lord I Lift Your Name On High"

"Be A Good Friend"

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