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Mephibosheth - 1 Samuel 20:14–17;2 Samuel 9:1–13

Today, your child will learn about David and his best friend Jonathan! David was king and he wanted to take care of anyone in Jonathan’s family that needed help! He found Jonathan’s son named Mephibosheth! Mephibosheth was hurt and he couldn’t take care of his land and didnt have money to buy food. So David helped mephibosheth! David fed mephibosheth and got people to take care of his land! Just like David helped mephibosheth, we can help others too! God wants me to help others!


Let's talk about it:

1.How did David help Mephibosheth?

2. Who helps you?

3. How can you help your friends?

Sli-, sli-, slippity slide into our music video, and keep practicing the Bible verse with your child!

"At All Times"

"Be A Good Friend"

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