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Waumba Land Online: October 10


Ruth loved Naomi and didn’t want her to go on a long trip by herself—so she went with her! Ruth helped Naomi, and God wants us to help oth

Learn your verse!

"I Can Be A Good Friend"


Next month we are kicking off our annual giving drive in Waumba Land called Kids helping Kids. And we are collecting food for St. Aidens school!

This school is in our city and they have a program where they provide the kids in their school with a meal. Many of these families can’t provide their kids with 3 meals a day, so the school helps them out. This year we want to bless this school and fill their cafeteria so they have enough food to feed their kids for a long time! Last year we had SO much food that we brought to them and they were so thankful! But we need YOUR help again!

The gift cards can be brought to Oasis from now until the end of November. A list of grocery stores to purchase them from will be up on our website so you know what to buy! We can’t wait to see how when all of us work together and are generous how it can make a big difference!

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