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Waumba Land Online: May 31

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


God made me to DO AMAZING things! This week, your child will learn that God made them to do all kinds of amazing things! They can share, say kind words, help others, and even praise and celebrate Him. God made them and loves everything about them.


Talk About It:

  1. What are some good things God made you to do?

  2. What are some kind words you can say to someone?

  3. Who can you write a letter to this week using lots of kind words?

Want some more fun things to do this week?

Check these out!



This week we are encouraging you to make postcards or cards for people who need a little kindness! Here is a template that you can print out or visit our Waumba Land Pinterest site for more ideas!

Be sure to look on our Pinterest site for more fun at home ideas! Don't forget to tag us we can’t wait to see!! (@waumbaland_oasis)

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