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Waumba Land Online: May 3

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This month we are looking at how God loves EVERYTHING about you! He made you so special, and He made you exactly who you are! That includes the things you like, the things you are good at, the things that make you . . . YOU! This week each of the games and activities will teach your kids just how much God loves them and how He made them special.


"God Made Me Wonderful" Music Video

"God Made Me Shine" Music Video



This month we are learning about what makes each of us different, because those things make each of us special! God loves everything about us.

[Key Question] What does God love about me?

[Big Idea] God loves everything about me!


Here are some more great family activities for you to do together! We hope you have lots of  fun making memories with your kiddos as you play together. Be sure to share with us on Instagram (@waumbaland_oasis) to show us how it went! We can't wait to see!


Here's a FUN SONG for you all to enjoy!


Bible App for Kids is an amazing resource! There are 41 Bible stories just for kids, kid friendly navigation, games and activities to help kids remember what they are learning, touch-activated animations. Check out this link to download the app for your kids!


Focus on the Family has a faith-filled magazine for ages 3-7. It provides creative stories, fascinating articles, puzzles, crafts and more. You’ll love the way this bright & colorful kids’ magazine reinforces biblical values. Read the April 2020 issue now for free!

A Big "HELLO" and "We miss you!" Video

From a few of your Waumba Land Leaders

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