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Waumba Land Online: May 17

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


Every part of your child is wonderfully made by God. God made them and loves everything about them. When they’re waving to their friends with their hands, running around the playground on their feet, or eating yummy food with their mouth—they can remember that God made them and loves everything about them.


Talk About It:

  1. What are things you like?

    1. What does God love about you?

    2. What are some amazing things you can do (jump really high, snap your fingers, etc.)

    3. What around you did God create?


"God Made Me Wonderful" Music Video

"God Made Me Shine" Music Video

"He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" Song

"Jesus Loves Me" Song



This month we are learning about what makes each of us different, because those things make each of us special! Here is a creation collage you can do right at home! Be sure to look on our Pinterest site for more fun at home craft ideas on the “Sunday Craft” board.

SUPPLIES: ●  Large paper or poster board ●  Scissors ●  Glue/tape ●  Markers/crayons ●  Photos, magazine clippings, stickers, artifacts, etc.

  •  Go on a family nature walk and gather your creation items!

DIRECTIONS: Decorate a poster board or large piece of paper  with the items that represent your favourite things that God has made to make a collage! 

Don't forget to tag us and show us your creations! (@waumbaland_oasis)


Here are some more great family activities for you to do together! We hope you have lots of  fun making memories with your kiddos as you play together. Be sure to share with us on Instagram (@waumbaland_oasis) to show us how it went! We can't wait to see!

  1. Creation Colouring Sheet

  2. Adam and Eve Colouring Sheet

  3. Creation Science Experiment

  4. Elephant's Toothpaste

  5. Check out some of our other resources for you and your kids on our Waumba Land Pinterest Board. There you'll find: Fun Family Recipes, Sunday Crafts, Family Fun Activities, Parent Resources, Home Exercises)

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