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Waumba Land Online: March 29

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This month we have been learning about how to be more like Jesus. In the video this week we will learn about a story Jesus told on how to love everyone.


"I Like To" Music Video

"I'm Gonna Walk" Music Video



We all have something that is precious to us. This week is all about a special gift Jesus received from a lady who gave Jesus her most treasured possession. She knew that Jesus loved her and wanted to be her good friend forever. Have fun with your kiddos doing the craft and family activities!! Click on the link below.


Here are some more great family activities for you to do together! Make sure to encourage fun with your kiddos as you play with these activities. Be sure to share with us on Instagram (@waumbaland_oasis) to show us how it went! We can't wait to see! Click on the link below.

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