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Waumba Land Online - July 25

Some things in life can feel GIANT to our kids. Watch this video with your preschooler to learn how God was with David when he faced a real giant. God was a SUPER good friend to David, and he is a SUPER good friend to us too!


Here are two ways to enter and win a "Stanley" the dog:

1. Learn your memory verse and get entered to win a big "Stanley"

2. Wear Your Super Friends Cape!

Show the Community You’re a Super Friend!

This summer, we’re giving your preschooler a Super Friends cape as we learn about how God is a super good friend. Encourage your child to wear their cape and find ways to be a super friend too! They can wear it on a walk and pick up trash, wear it to the store and hold the door open for someone, or make a card or some cookies for a friend who’s sad. Encourage them to be a super friend in whatever they do and show God’s love to everyone! Tag us on Instagram or email so we can see all the ways your child is being a SUPER friend and get entered in our contest to win a big Stanley the dog!

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