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Waumba Land Online: July 18

We all want what’s best for our kids, and that’s how God feels about us too! He is our SUPER good friend. We’ll keep learning that as we hear about Noah, a HUMONGOUS boat, and lots of animals!


Here are two ways to enter and win a "Stanley" the dog:

1. Learn your memory verse and get entered to win a big "Stanley"

2. Wear Your Super Friends Cape!

Show the Community You’re a Super Friend!

This summer, we’re giving your preschooler a Super Friends cape as we learn about how God is a super good friend. Encourage your child to wear their cape and find ways to be a super friend too! They can wear it on a walk and pick up trash, wear it to the store and hold the door open for someone, or make a card or some cookies for a friend who’s sad. Encourage them to be a super friend in whatever they do and show God’s love to everyone! Tag us on Instagram or email so we can see all the ways your child is being a SUPER friend and get entered in our contest to win a big Stanley the dog!

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