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Waumba Land Online: February 21

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The Good Samaritan-

It's Pajama Jam Sunday! We hope you are ready and have your favourite PJs on! We are so excited if this is your first time joining us for Waumba Land Online! Today we are talking all about the good samaritan.So, sit back, grab a snack and enjoy because this is going to be amazing!

Below in this week's "Waumba Land Online - Pajama Jam Edition", enjoy some extra fun content to watch throughout the day or during the week!

We have 3 ways to enter our contests to win AMAZING prizes!

1) Send us a photo of your epic fort

2) Take a pic of your kids in their pajama's and send us a picture

3) If your child learns their verse, send us in a video

You can DM us on instagram (@waumbaland_oasis) or email

All week we are going to learn all about how we can help take care of each other. Jesus told a story about a man who was hurt and how we could love others, just like Jesus loves us. Jesus loves everyone. He wants us to love everyone too!


Look below for extra Pajama Jam fun!

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Great songs to get you up and dancing!

"He's Got the Whole World"

"Jesus Loves Me"

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