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UpStreet Online: September 27


Today we learn about 3 guys that were thrown into a pretty tough situation. These 3 men chose not to bow down to a golden statue (even though it was order of the king), and because of that were thrown into a fiery furnace! They didn’t back down for what they knew was right, because they knew God was with them.


Talk about it:

1) Do you think you could have stood up to the king like our 3 friends in the story did today?

2) When you think about the people you are with the most (family, friends at school etc) when is it hardest for you to stand strong?

3) When you’re in a situation where you know you need to stand strong, what could you do in the moment to remind yourself that God is with you?


Inside your September "Swag Bag" you'll find all the supplies needed to make a craft of the story today. If you didn't pick on up, click here to download the images here


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