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Updated: Jun 5, 2020


We all will have times in our lives when trusting God is not the popular thing to do. In today’s story we learn about two guys named Joshua and Caleb that stood up to a lot of people and showed a lot of courage because of it. They had to have the courage to trust God, even though everyone else didn’t. They had to be brave and remember that God was with them.


"Zeal" Music Video

"Already Won" Music Video



  1. Have you ever been worried about something because you didn’t know how it would work out? (Ex: moving, trying out for a team, changing schools, getting glasses, etc.)

  2. Next time you’re with a friend, and they want to show you that YouTube video that you know you’re not allowed to watch, how can you be brave? 

  3. When is a time that you’ve had to be brave? What helped you get through that situation? .



We want you to try something NEW that we bet you've never done before. We'd like to call this the Family Baking Challenge (with a twist!). What you need for this challenge is at minimum: 1. person to video 2. designated baker 3. arms/hands of the baker. You can add as many family members as you like to the challenge and have lots of fun! Send in your videos to or DM us on Instagram @upstreet_oasis. 

Watch this video to have an example of what this could look like:

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