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After Jesus had died and come back to life, his friends knew that news had to be shared with everyone. They finally understood that Jesus came to change the world and to help everyone have a relationship with God. So they did what everyone does when they’re excited about something—they started talking about it. They told everyone they could about what Jesus had done, and the joy they shared spread around the world.


"For Your Glory" Music Video

"Undefeated" Music Video



On June 28 load up the fam and drive through the Oasis Church (940 Elmhurst Road) parking lot anytime between 2 to 5PM and pick up your free Summer swag bag filled with content and activities to keep your children connected with UpStreet this Summer! You won’t have to get out of the car! Our UpStreet team will be distributing the swag bags one socially distanced car at a time! Click HERE to register your kids today!

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