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UpStreet Online: December 20

Christmas is a time we remember that Jesus didn't just come for the rich, the well off, the people that have it all together etc. Jesus came for EVERYONE! And that is something worth celebrating!

Are you wondering how to explain God’s amazing plan for salvation to your child? We’ve included here scripts for two simple presentations to help you cover the main points. There’s one script suitable for younger children, and a more detailed version for older children. Click here.


Talk About it Together:

1. Do you think there is anyone that Jesus did not come for? Why or Why not?

2. Put yourself in the place of the shepherds. What do you think would have gone through your mind when they saw the angels and heard the news?

3. Is there anyone you know that doesn’t know about the Good News of Jesus? The challenge would be to write down their name and pray for them every day this week. Maybe you’ll get a chance to share the BEST STORY EVER with them!


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