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All month long we’ve been talking about Jesus. Peter (one of Jesus’ friends) denied knowing Jesus before He died. Once Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His friends - and instead of Jesus getting mad at Peter, or trying to get back at him for what he had done, Jesus showed Peter that He loved him. This proved to Peter that Jesus never stops loving us.


"Wild Love" Music Video

"I Believe in Jesus" Music Video



Have some fun with your kids recapping the story of Jesus and Peter in this twist on a true or false game. Then go over the memory verse and give your kids the opportunity to colour a memory verse colouring sheet!


Jesus never stops loving us! Peter realized that after Jesus loved him even though he denied Jesus. Take some time to discuss this topic with your 4th and 5th graders.

Magazine Download (Clubhouse & Clubhouse Jr.)

During this challenging time, bring smiles and laughter to your home with children's magazines from Focus on the Family. Simply choose the option best for your family.  (Clubhouse Jr. geared towards younger elementary/preschool kids; Clubhouse is geared towards school aged kids)

Downloadable SOAP Journal

We have a Journal that you can download and print off for your kids!  It’s called a SOAP Journal which focuses each day on 4 things: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.  If you’re looking for something for your kids to do in their daily devotions, this is a great resource! Download the Journal and the corresponding Bible verses that go along with each day for the next 2 weeks.

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