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UpStreet Online: April 18

Today we are talking all about the gift we receive when we accept the gift that God gave us and believe who Jesus is and what he did for us on the cross. When you trust and follow Jesus, He makes a perfect home for you in Heaven!

Today we want you to play a game with your kids called Heaven Tag! (yes parents, you get to run around with your kids and just have fun!!)

You’ll Need· A large area to run around and a place to be the “base”

What to do before the Game: 1. Choose a spot to be your “base.” Tell everyone the “base” is going to be Heaven. 2. Explain the goal of the game: Get to “Heaven” as quickly as possible. 3. Pick one person to be the “tagged”. Everyone else will be the “runners.”

Play the Game 1. All the runners stand in one place far from “Heaven.”

2. The tagger stands in between the runners and “Heaven.” 3. The tagger yells, “Go to Heaven!” 4. The runners try to run to “Heaven” without being tagged. 5. If a runner is tagged, they have to freeze and say, “I trust and follow Jesus,” 10 times before they can continue running to “Heaven.” 6. Post a pic or video of your family playing Heaven Tag! Tag us @upstreet_oasis


Talk About It:

  1. What is Heaven?

  2. Share one thing you learned about Heaven today that you didn’t know before!

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