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Sunday Best

Check out this week's message from Clay!

Bottom Line: It’s very important to take regular breaks and rest and not just relax but go to God for rest and to recharge for the busy lives we all live.

Goal of the Discussion: The goal of the discussion is to show them not only that of course we all know rest is important but we don't always recognize how important God thinks it is and he tells us it is essential and necessary and that the best way to rest is in the presence of God.

Scripture: Genesis 2:2-3, Matthew 11:28, Exodus 20:8

Discussion Over Dinner:

  1. Young people are thought to have very busy lives so what does your weeks look like usually and do you find it very difficult to take time to rest?

  2. God says it is essential for us to take time to rest, a sabbath and alot of us don't usually rest consistently. Do you rest consistently or notice a difference when you do take time to rest?

  3. If God thinks it is so important to rest then we should all make a plan to rest, what day are you gonna rest, make a sabbath and what does rest look like to you?

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