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Description: Honour is a word hardly used in our culture. But for Jesus humbling oneself to honour other is a big deal! In fact to honour one another is a command that is repeated all over the writings of the Bible. It is hard to honour other people, especially people who don’t seem deserving of honour. In this talk we will discuss why Jesus commands us to honour one another, and how Jesus’ ideal of honour can change the world.

Bottom Line: A Healthy Soul can Honour others

Goal of the Night: Students would understand that Jesus’ countercultural vision of honouring others could transform the world around us.

Scripture: James 4:1-10

Discussion Over Dinner: When you hear the word honour what come to your mind? Why do you think we don’t talk about honour that much? Who is someone you have a hard time honouring? (e.g. Parents, Boss, Teacher, a Peer). Why? If you tried to humble yourself, and honour that person how do you think your relationship with that person would change?

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