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Get Outta The Kiddie Pool

Check out this week's message from Pastor Darryl!

Bottom Line: Don’t waste your life settling for less than what Jesus is offering.

Goal of the Discussion: For us all to acknowledge those areas of life that we haven’t surrendered to God, and for us to trust him for everlasting life

Scripture: John 4:5-39

Discussion Over Dinner:

1. Jesus compared the Samaritan’s physical thirst for water to a much deeper, spiritual thirst that we all have. What “thirsts” do you think guide your life? (eg. thirst for attention, affection, hope, peace, status, self-worth, achievement, success, value, significance, love, freedom)

2. What are some ways you have attempted to quench those thirsts? (eg. dating relationships, achieving straight A’s, pursuit of physical beauty, making people like you)

3. Jesus claimed to be the source of “living water” that can quench every single thirst we have. How can you surrender your thirsts to Jesus and trust Him to lead your life to a better place?

4. How have you been settling in your faith and what would it look like for you to get out of the “kiddie pool” and enjoy the adventure that you were made for?

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