Collide Quarantine Challenges - Round #1

To help with boredom we’re starting Collide Quarantine Challenges!

Challenge your kids to try as many as you’d like and take a photo or video while you do it. Post it on Instagram and tag @Collide_Oasis or text/email it to your child's leader! For every challenge students do their name will be entered to win a prize. Round #1 ends Thursday, April 23rd and new challenges will be posted regularly.

Stay safe and have fun!



We are located west of IKEA, down Sterling Lyon Parkway / Wilkes avenue. 

940 Elmhurst Road
Winnipeg, MB R3R 3X7

Sundays online at
9:30am, 11:15am, 3pm & 7pm

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Our mission is to lead people in a growing relationship with

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