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Chasing Waterfalls

Check out this week's message from Courtney!

Bottom Line: Until you find Jesus you won’t stop searching.

Goal of the Discussion: Students replace their current pursuits and pursue Jesus.

Scripture: Matthew 4:18-20, 2 Peter 1:3, John 1:29

Discussion Over Dinner:

  1. Talk about a time when you worked hard at something and felt really good about it.

  2. In the video, Courtney says that our desires don’t always line up with our pursuits; it’s like eating rocks or poison instead of something satisfying… What do you think your rocks or poison are in your life?

  3. Peter says that all of our desires can be met by pursuing Jesus and that anything other than Jesus will leave you still searching… Take some inventory of your life: What are your desires? What are you pursuing to meet those desires? How’s that working out? And what do you need to change?

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