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Camp UpStreet: August 8

We love to be first in line, the champion at the end of the race, the one who gets the best and has the most. But Jesus didn’t live like that. Find out what he did on Episode 6 of Camp UpStreet.

This Week's Challenge:

I did knot see that coming! What's up Campers! This week's challenge might leave you a little...stuck. Any ideas about what this challenge is? Knot tying! Use this rope to practice your knot tying skills! Below is a list of knots to try and a step-by-step link to help you out!

Beginner: Clove Hitch

Moderate: Figure 8 Knot

Advanced: Stevedore Stopper

Click here to log that your child has completed the challenge to receive some "tuck" in the mail!


Talk About It:

1) What does it mean to be humble?

2) What is one way you can put someone else first this week?

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