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Camp UpStreet: August 15

Learn from the flowers and a bird named Buddy how not to worry on Episode 7 of Camp UpStreet!

This Week's Challenge:

Hello Campers! Your challenge this week is to create the most Epic Obstacle Course at home! You could draw your course using chalk or make your course with objects in your house or backyard! It can be anything you want! The UpStreet team would love to see you completing your Epic Obstacle Course so send us a video to!

Click here to log that your child has completed the challenge to receive some "tuck" in the mail!


Extra Video:

We want to leave you with a music video called “Don’t worry”! Have a great week, don’t worry and TRUST God ALWAYS...He’s with you!


Talk About It:

1) What does it mean to be humble?

2) What is one way you can put someone else first this week?

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