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Camp UpStreet: August 1

See Caleb test his bravery on the camp zip line and find out how following Jesus can change you for the better on Episode 5 of Camp UpStreet!

This Week's Challenge:

Hey Campers! Wow week 5 already?! This week's challenge is a scavenger hunt!! check off as many items from your list as you can! I hope you're ready to get outside! Best of luck to you!

- 3 Kinds of leaves - A bright flower

- An ant - Something growing

- A rock with spots - Something green

- A seed - A weed

- Something beautiful - A Squirrel

- A spider web - A feather

Click here to log that your child has completed the challenge to receive some "tuck" in the mail!


NEW August Song: Every Beat


Talk About It:

1) How does following Jesus change how we treat people?

2) What is one way you want to be different this year at school?

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