COVID-19 Update
October 5, 2021

Sunday Expectations

In accordance with the recently updated Provincial guidelines, here's what you can expect when you attend a Sunday service in-person.



Masks are mandatory while inside the building, including while seated


Physical Distancing

Physical distancing between households is encouraged



At this time pre-registration is not required to attend in-person

  • We are fortunate to have built a large facility and we have yet to hit 33% capacity. All are welcome on Sunday and we will continue to monitor attendance and institute ticketing when we feel we are getting close to that number to ensure we do not exceed it. 

  • In addition to our current protocols, we will be providing rapid testing to all of our kids environments staff and volunteers.

  • We continue to create a safe environment by asking attendees to follow the fundamentals of masking, distancing, and not attending if they feel sick. In addition, we continue to sanitize all areas regularly, increased ventilation, and use high-quality air filtration across our facility.

We look forward to welcoming you this Sunday in-person and online!