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Waumba Land Online: April 19

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


This month we are learning all about how Jesus is our good friend. This really fits into our three basic truths we learn here in Waumba Land: God loves me, God made me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. April is wonderful month because we are celebrating Easter. Each week will feature a new story teaching your kids about how much Jesus cares about us.


"Good Good Friend" Music Video

"He's With Me" Music Video



We’re learning that Jesus is our good friend because he IS such an amazing friend and he cares about everyone. He cares about us always . . . when we are happy, when we are sad, and even when we start to feel scared. Jesus was there for some of his friends one day when they got scared out on a boat. The craft and activities all help the kids to know how much Jesus wants to be their good friend forever. Enjoy the crafts and family games! Click on the link below.


Here are some more great family activities for you to do together! Make sure to have lots of  fun making memories with your kiddos as you play together. Be sure to share with us on Instagram (@waumbaland_oasis) to show us how it went! We can't wait to see! Click on the link below.



Focus on the family has a faith-filled magazine for ages 3-7. It provides creative stories, fascinating articles, puzzles, crafts and more. You’ll love the way this bright & colorful kids’ magazine reinforces biblical values. Read the April 2020 issue now for free!


Having conversations with your kids about faith is amazing!  Here are some resources for you as parents, to help your kids navigate the conversation and ideas on what to say to them. This is a great opportunity to take time to listen to your kids, answer their questions with care, and help them deepen their relationship or even start their relationship with God.

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