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UpStreet Online: June 13

In today's story Jesus used the sword of the Spirit to help him stand firm against the devil. Jesus knew that God's word was His best weapon against the enemy's lies. God's word is the greatest weapon against the enemy for us as well. When we have God's word in our hearts and know what the Bible says it will help us stand firm against the lies and temptations the enemy tries to trick us with.

Micah's Super Vlog!

Check out or last week's episode of Micah's Super Vlog where he learns all about how the Sword of the Spirit can help you stand strong against the enemies attacks! Check it out here!

(NOTE: You will need to create a Castle account, but it is free! And there some other great faith based resources on there that your child can watch! )

Verse for the month: Put on all of God's armour. Then you can remain strong against the devil's evil plans. Ephesians 6:11


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Talk About It:

1) Today we learned about the Sword of the Spirit. What does this piece of armour help us do?

2) We now know the sword of the Spirit is God's Word, and it's the greatest weapon that God has given to us! Are you memorizing God's word if not, why aren't you?

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