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Camp UpStreet: July 25

We learn from the experts (hint–they’re kids!) about how following Jesus means finding creative ways to help your friends. And Caleb may or may not be trying to play 9 Square by himself. 🙅 🙈 Don’t miss it!

This Week's Challenge:

Hey Campers! This week's challenge is transform your cabin name into morse code. Use the morse code key sheet to match the letters in your cabin name to the codes! If you're feeling creative, we'd love to see a video of you performing your morse code! You could play it on a piano or by stomping your feet! Send a video of your performance to

Click here to log that your child has completed the challenge to receive some "tuck" in the mail!


Talk About It:

1) How did Jesus help someone?

2) What is one thing you can do today to help a friend?

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